The spirited lovechild of Kaylee Fry and River Tam (ladymalchav) wrote,
The spirited lovechild of Kaylee Fry and River Tam

Of Backaches and Paychecks

I think the doctor finally believes me about the back pain issue. I went in this morning and he not only prescribed me more pills (yay!) but he says if it doesn't feel better in a few days (10 to 14 days after it started) he'll get me in to see a specialist and/or and MRI! Woo! He also told me I shouldn't work for at least the next four days. Which is good because, well, I don't have to go to work for another four or five days! BUT! It's also bad because I miss out on the pay I would have gotten. I've already been off since Thursday, so it'll be over a week straight I haven't worked. This paycheck will be crap and the next one will be nonexistent. -_- blar

Can someone come over to cook for me? I've got no food in the house, no way to get to the store, and not enough energy to make it... ;_;
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